Weather Report

            I am a person of rituals. I watch the weather, the sky, the seasons, my breath, his face at night in bed.


            Fragility, directness/essence of a thing, repetition, imperfection, process and time, observation of the natural world; these are some of the influences on my work.

            The natural world always influences me and the process of watching my thoughts in a way that is about noticing and not about judging teaches me about the kinds of thoughts that pass through my mind. I am aware of patterns and repetitions in activity or design or process or seasons. Sometimes an awareness of intent is immediate upon first seeing a thing or working through an idea for a painting.  At other times, objects and images are held in a suspended state in my studio until the right moment of clarity. Many of the objects I collect come with their own history/patina and suggest obvious references that become more complex when used in another context. I work both in painting and sculptural objects and see them in conjunction with each in expressing my thinking.

            I feel a strong connection to the Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi, sometimes described as an appreciation of beauty that is imperfect, impermanent and incomplete and is often centered on the idea of transience.  I want to be able to find the heart of the thing and describe it in simple, yet evocative ways. I want to find myself in the give and take of building and editing an object that responds to my ritual of creative play.